Speaking Engagements

  • Crowdfunding and ICOs, Conference in Singapore, April 2019
  • Cryptocurrencies and ICOs, Conference in Manila, the Philippines, March 2018
  • Director Independence, Conference in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, April 2016
  • White Collar Crime in Cross-Border Investments, Conference, Vancouver, Canada, May 2014
  • Anti-Corruption Legislation, Criminal Enforcement & Administrative Sanctions on Expanding East-West Investment, Conference, Seoul, Korea, April 2013
  • Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement Seminar, Auckland, New Zealand, November 2012
  • U.S Regulation of Hedge Funds, Conference in Manila, Philippines, April 2009
  • Bringing Chinese Companies to the Market Abroad, Conference in Beijing, China, April 2007
  • Corporate Governance in the U.S, and Corporate Governance: An International Perspective in Colombo, Sri Lanka, November 2005